Inexpensive Lightweight 3 season

  •   Category Price Weight
  • Shelter $122.90
    1.94 lb
  • Pack $50.00
    0.81 lb
  • Sleep System $185.95
    2.44 lb
  • Cook Kit $23.00
    0.49 lb
  • Water $21.00
    0.26 lb
  • Wear Clothing suggestions $0.00
    0 lb
  • carry clothing suggestions $0.00
    0 lb
  • extras $1.30
    0.11 lb
  • One stop and save on shipping. $25.00
    0.09 lb
  • Total $429.15 6.14
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg

Keep the carry clothing ultra light, and the toiletries/first aid ultra light and you should come in at around 8-10 lb base weight. You don't have to go with my green stars there are even cheaper options listed, and obviously substitute with any gear/clothing you already own.

UL backpacking with a 30 Liter - 40 Liter pack requires some knowledge of what to bring in terms of packed gear and clothing and how to reduce the weight and bulk of carried food. This is just "know how" that costs nothing to learn. Visit reddit to garner the skills and knowledge to reduce the weight and bulk of your equipment.

(confirmed) means that I have personal experience with the equipment or have gotten feedback from a user of the equipment.