General SkatePacking

  •   Category Weight
  • Skateboard - 3.319kg / 7.3lbs - I wont add the weight since I wont be carrying it
    0 lb
  • Phanny Pack - 1.4lbs that is removed from the backpack I'm adding this to Worn
    1.39 lb
  • Backpack - and the accessories that I consider being part of the pack itself
    0.89 lb
  • Camp Gear (Main Compartment of Backpack, doesn't need fast access)
    2.14 lb
  • Ditties (Small Items)
    0.62 lb
  • Camera equipment
    0.19 lb
  • Clothing - Worn during day marked by blue icon Otherwise stored in Backpack
    4.29 lb
  • Safety Gear
    1.6 lb
  • Emotional Support
    0 lb
  • Food and Water
    6.14 lb
  • Total 17.27
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 6.14 lb
  • Worn 2.95 lb
  • Base Weight 8.18 lb

Summer gear list When I just do a skate in the mountains my Cellphone will do in lieu of a camera No need for spare skate parts unless I'll be too far away to hitchhike or get a ride, I almost never have a failure. For Nights near freezing I would change to a hooded sweater For Days near freezing with nights dipping below 20°f or -6°c I would change my seater to a montbell ex light 100 down weater, I would change my sleep mat to the regular Thermarest NeoAir Xlite, and I would add the Zpacks down hood. (You can see these items in my Banff Jasper Waterton 2020 Gear list.)