Ultralight and ultracheap - 3 seasons

  •   Category Weight
  • Big four
    3184 g
  • Cooking
    532 g
  • Clothing
    980 g
  • Misc
    453 g
  • Total 5149
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 198 g
  • Worn 640 g
  • Base Weight 4311 g

A somewhat complete list of ultralight and ultracheap gear. Much of this can be bought from AliExpress or eBay. Some links are to Swedish stores, but alternatives can pro bably be found locally. Some stuff you probably already got at home, like a toothbrush, needles, tweezers, band aids etc. If you don't have a small tube of toothpaste, you could dry tabs of toothpaste and only bring as many as you need for the trip.

The price to buy this entire list is ~397€.

  • It could be cheaper and lighter if you change the stove to a cat can stove. There are also cheaper lighter pots than this one.
  • You could make a DIY windscreen, like this windscreen

  • The tent is a 2-person 2-wall tent. There are also cheaper lighter tents than this one. The price listed is for the full tent, but the weight is without the innertent (adds 704g).

  • There are also cheaper headlamps on AliExpress, but since the list consists of things I own I added the Urberg headlamp. I'd probably get something like this , a USB rechargeable headlamp.

  • Both the reparationkit and the first aid kid could be made from stuff that you usually already have at home, like tweezers, bandaids, alcoholswabs, needle and thread, glue etc.

Apart from the rain jacket (I have the rain pants) and the down jacket (my wife owns the ladies version) I own everything on this list. I’ll post an Ultralight ultracheap trip report at smalandoutdoor later this spring