Camping - Motorcycle Packing List

  •   Category Weight
  • Shelter/Bedding
    12.01 lb
  • Camping Equipment
    13.57 lb
  • Tools
    8.56 lb
  • Electronics
    3.14 lb
  • Clothing
    8.69 lb
  • Food
    4.38 lb
  • Hygene Essentials
    1.63 lb
  • Total 51.97
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg

This is my camping list for when I am on the motorcycle. Some things are changed, added, omitted here over the backpacking list. I am less worried about overall weight here, more worried about size and the weight distribution. Also, since the bags are on the bike already, I do not take a backpack. A lot of the weights here are estimates, some have come off the manufacturer websites. I have probably forgotten something, so forgive. I need to edit this list while sitting in front of the gear. The food numbers are assuming a full weekend (Friday night through Sunday).