Oil Creek (Overnight) / Feb 2020

  •   Category Weight
  • Sleepin' Pads
    1.24 lb
  • Sleepin' Things
    1.31 lb
  • Stayin' Warm
    1.74 lb
  • Packed Wearables
    1.41 lb
  • Stayin' Dry
    0.86 lb
  • Electronics
    0.56 lb
  • Backpacks
    1.8 lb
  • Tents & More
    0.82 lb
  • Needed
    0.92 lb
  • Water
    0.42 lb
  • Consumed
    6.56 lb
  • Worn
    0.11 lb
  • Cook Stuff
    0.76 lb
  • Total 18.51
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 6.97 lb
  • Worn 0.11 lb
  • Base Weight 11.43 lb

5 Miles in and out. Temps: 20s high, 15 low. No Rain but snow and wind.

Windy first day. Wore active layers Capilene - Top (non hooded), R1 and Zpacks Vertice Jacket when windy, bottom running pants, Dexshell socks, liners (muddy and wet). Could have done without the Capilene - Top maybe especially when wearing the Vertice. First time with the Vertice and did super well with the wind and inside condensation when on and active. LOVED the new LiteAF FS. Wore gloves on and off.

Overnight got cold, mostly feet and shoulders/above, slight chill on core. The 30 degree with fire worked out well (should bring a second quilt next time) but after the fire died got cold (mostly) and tucked in to stay warm. Wore the active layers (above) with Capilene - Bottoms, pants, UGQ Skully, liners and Dexshell. Used the Klymit Pillow for a while but forgot to put the Buff on. Ended up using MH Ghost Whisperer as a pillow. Used bicy but not in the whole way, think it helped a lot. Uberlite was surprisingly warm with the Switchback, maybe I would have been warmer with a properly rated pad? Used the Switchback to sit on a lot in the shelter.

Didn't really need the stove as the meal sucked and I tossed it out, but did make coffee in the morning but could have just did the MiO caffeine drops. No need for the Kahtoola Nanospikes either, will be returning to REI.