ALCAN Skate Tour

  •   Category Weight
  • Skateboard - 3.39kg / 7.47lbs - I wont add the weight since I wont be carrying it
    0 lb
  • Phanny Pack - 1.5lbs that is removed from the backpack I'm adding this to Worn gear Because it doesn't disrupt rider balance
    1.55 lb
  • Backpack - and the accessories that I consider being part of the pack itself
    0.89 lb
  • Camp Gear (Main Compartment of Backpack, doesn't need fast access)
    2.42 lb
  • Ditties (Small Items)
    0.87 lb
  • Video Related Equipment
    6.82 lb
  • Video Related Equipment I eventually got rid off
    4.06 lb
  • Clothing - Worn during day marked by blue icon Otherwise stored in Backpack
    4.68 lb
  • Safety Gear
    3.19 lb
  • Skate Safety
    0 lb
  • Food and Water
    6.14 lb
  • Total 30.63
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 6.31 lb
  • Worn 5.21 lb
  • Base Weight 19.1 lb

Skate from Fairbanks Alaska USA to Alberta Canada.

My Heaviest Pack since 2010! I personally find this list a little embarrassing, Please check out my other gear lists at

Long stretches of rough pavement, during season with more rain than what is typical and record setting amounts of mosquitoes. Moderate stretches between resupply and tons of wild life. I carried more because there were some Items that I could not replace during the entire trip.

11 LBS film making gear !!! Eventually I cut this down to under 7

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