Beardoh!'s Gear 2019 All Terrain Setup

  • Category Weight
  • Pack
    1.39 lb
  • Shelter
    1.63 lb
  • Sleep System
    2.94 lb
  • Kitchen
    0.63 lb
  • Clothing
    1.92 lb
  • Miscellaneous
    0.41 lb
  • Repair Kit
    0.04 lb
  • Electronics
    1.33 lb
  • Health
    0.35 lb
  • First Aid
    0.17 lb
  • Worn Clothing
    0 lb
  • Total 10.79
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 0 lb
  • Worn 0 lb
  • Base Weight 10.79 lb


This list is largely comprised of gear intended for our hike of the Mogollon Rim Trail in the Spring of 2019. A bit heavier than a standard three season setup for triple crown trail hikes and other summer hikes, as noted below.

Of note:

  • It favors some warmer-than-normal wear since we will be up on the Mogollon Rim in the Spring. The coldest I have ever been while on a thru hike was in April of 2015 on the Mogollon Rim. It was an unseasonable snap of cold, and not forgettable. For this reason, I have slightly warmer sleep socks as well as the ThermaSilk base layer (typically, wind shirt and wind pants are plenty for me).

  • I am carrying a dedicated camera once again as we intend to take some video

  • The setup is hammock + backup, aka my All Terrain Setup - . There will be a mix of hanging and ground-dwelling, and I will take the hanging when it comes.