Roan Mtn - Oct 2020

  •   Category Weight
  • Sleepin' Pads
    0.75 lb
  • Sleepin' Things
    1.19 lb
  • Stayin' Warm
    1.14 lb
  • Packed Wearables
    0.44 lb
  • Stayin' Dry
    0.46 lb
  • Electronics
    0.92 lb
  • Backpacks
    1.8 lb
  • Tents & More
    0.98 lb
  • Needed
    1.15 lb
  • Water
    0.33 lb
  • Consumed
    9.38 lb
  • Worn
    0 lb
  • Cook Stuff
    0.49 lb
  • Total 19.01
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 9.83 lb
  • Base Weight 9.18 lb

Lows 30s, Highs in the 60s. Sunny and nice all weekend. SUPER AMZING AREA

Started at Carver's Gap, 12-13 miles to Doll Flats. A bit chilly on the balds at times but overall I was fine. Day 2: Doll Flats to Upper Laurel Fork, got sick at night, vomiting and heartburn (food or water not sure), slept horribly and hiked out to Dennis Cove Road for shuttle pickup and return to Boots Off Hostel. I was planning on driving to McAfee and doing that again but returned home after staying in a hotel and was still not feeling well.

Night was chilly the first at around 30 degrees but I was fine wearing the Torrid, the following days warmed up and I wore either the Macpac or nothing, though I sweating due to being sick. The Plexamid had a bit of condensation in it the first night and got my quilt a tad wet on the footbox since it was pitched on a angle and I slid to that side.

The Macpac was surprisingly warm and def worked as an active layer, if not hotter, than expected. Seemed to wick the sweat well too.

Forgot the GG Thinlight Foam Insulation Pad (was planning on using for a pillow) so used either the Macpac or Torrid stuffed in the Buff, not horrible but not great.

Never used the MYOG Wind Pants, Zpacks Vertice Jacket, TNF eTip Gloves, and Capilene - Bottoms (Thermal). Probably don't need the MYOG Wind Pants in those conditions and the Capilene - Bottoms def don't need. TNF eTip Gloves, maybe I put them on for a second at night. Always bring the Zpacks Vertice Jacket.

Didn't use cook kit at all but cooking some water for coffee and one meal which sucked. I'm not going to bother with freeze dried foods anymore I think.

Ended up with an ulcer and horrible pain. Next time bringing Prilosec!