Canoe camping

  •   Category Weight
  • Carry
    1183 g
  • Shelter
    0 g
  • Sleep(Schnozzle bag)
    1601 g
  • Stove & filter (Blue silbag)
    870 g
  • Food & water (red silbag)
    3025 g
  • Hygien (Neon bag)
    144 g
  • Elektronics (Ziplock-bag)
    462 g
  • Extra clothes (Red drybag)
    610 g
  • Raingear etc (Mesh pocket)
    929 g
  • Misc (Zip-lock bags)
    928 g
  • Transport
    0 g
  • Wearing
    0 g
  • Total 9752
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 3323 g
  • Base Weight 6429 g

A list for a canoe trip with no planned portages. I'm not that concerned about the weight since I'll be transporting it in a canoe instead of hiking. Most of the gear will be transported in the backpack, which together with the drybags is waterproof. The backpack will be secured to the canoe. The firewood will be packed right in the canoe, and secured to it with straps. I'll pack a lot heavier food than on hiking trips, and cook over fire when possible. The shelter will also be heavier than my HMG Ultamid, but will have the ability to have a fire inside the tent, in case of bad weather.