Dolly Sods - Aug 3rd - 3 Day (ended up being overnight)

  •   Category Weight
  • Sleepin' Pads
    0.7 lb
  • Sleepin' Things
    1.39 lb
  • Stayin' Warm
    0.88 lb
  • Packed Wearables
    0.31 lb
  • Stayin' Dry
    0.61 lb
  • Electronics
    1.17 lb
  • Backpacks
    0.99 lb
  • Tents & More
    1.13 lb
  • Needed
    1.28 lb
  • Water
    0.32 lb
  • Consumed
    9.62 lb
  • Cook Stuff
    0.19 lb
  • Total 18.59
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 10.08 lb
  • Base Weight 8.51 lb

Forecast temps where 70s high and 40s low. Real temps was 82 high and 53 low.

Day 1: Arrived at 4ish (drive to trailhead at Bear Rocks was pretty bad), hiked in ~5 miles (522/521/524) and camped on TR524 in a spot for one person (hiked with an older guy) and pretty rocky (better spots down 521 but dry as well). Was ok but didn't get a good pitch on the tent which resulted in a lot of condensation, none on the floor but on the walls. It did get my quilt slightly wet but nothing bad. Didn't sleep all too good at all, but enough.

Day 2: Walked ~15 miles back to the car (524/513/554/Lion's/514/509/Unmarked/520/road). Place was SUPER busy (Labor Day) and not many spots on the north end with water access. rocky Point trail, 554, is pretty tough with a bunch of small rocks along the whole trail.

Overall a good trip, ended up with a blister on my left heel and right big toe. Knees took a toll on the rocks and where pretty sore when I got home. Really not enough trail to do 3 days there doing that same route and the trail was fairly easy overall.

Didn't use: REI Silk Base Bottoms (temps too high at night) - wouldn't take again EE Stronghold Fleece Mittens - wouldn't take again Dexshell socks - just walked though the water probably why I got blisters

Other info: LiteAF - X30L Curve - great pack, used the min belt and the quick connect dug into my sides, need to replace with just cordage. Overall it fit everything perfectly and rode super well. I did miss a pocket up front but used the bottom pocket for snacks, bit less convenient for quick access.