•   Category Weight
  • Big Four
    4.56 lb
  • Water/Cooking
    0.82 lb
  • Clothing Packed
    1.73 lb
  • Clothing Worn
    3.74 lb
  • Electronics
    1.18 lb
  • Health Kit
    0.11 lb
  • Miscellanious
    0.33 lb
  • Sierra Nevada
    3.01 lb
  • Desert
    0.67 lb
  • Total 16.14
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Worn 7.2 lb
  • Base Weight 8.95 lb

I didn't start my ThruHike with this Equipment. I switched my pack and my shelter system in Crater Lake, Oregon. It turned out to be way heavier than I thought, but it is barely ultralight (Yay). I also marked my Sun umbrella as worn, because I ditched my Frogg Toggs and my MYOG Rainskirt for the Desert, but I picked up the Sun umbrella. Frogg Toggs + Rainskirt weigh about the same as my umbrella. There is a lot of stuff that I would switch and I aim to stay under 4kg on a future trip.