Fastpack / rain 0 / high50 / low 27

  •   Category Weight
  • Pack
    1.79 lb
  • Shelter
    0.16 lb
  • Sleep
    2.26 lb
  • Clothing
    4.56 lb
  • Water and Food
    6.78 lb
  • Essentials
    2.38 lb
  • Hygiene
    0.18 lb
  • Misc
    0.68 lb
  • Luxury
    0.19 lb
  • Total 18.97
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 5.72 lb
  • Worn 3.09 lb
  • Base Weight 10.16 lb

I prepared this list for a fastpacking trip on the Buffalo River Trail in November 2019. The route started at Boxley, went all the way to Pruitt, and then returned to Boxley via the same path.

  • Strava trip here:
  • Pack worked out okay. Got moderate chafing on my lower back from sleeping pad. Points on collarbone sore but not too bad.
  • Using the extra waist belt was great. Felt like nothing and gave a lot more storage space.
  • The second night I woke up to frost all over my bag. Seemed fine though.
  • I was cold some of the night but warm enough to get quite a bit of sleep.*
  • The pad prototype I made worked ok but came apart. Needs better attachment mechanism.
  • Need to tether essential items to my bag so they can't be left behind.
  • Switch to anti-chafing cream instead of stick.
  • Cookset worked ok, but replace morning meal with protein bars.
  • Filter was still a little slow. Consider chlorine dioxide treatment on next trip.
  • I was okay with the vest but it would have been worth it to bring my puffy jacket.