Philmont Official Checklist - Copy & Edit

  •   Category Price Weight
  • Big 3 + Sleeping Pad [Goal < 10 lbs.] $0.00
    11.86 lb
  • Clothing [Goal < 9 lbs.] $0.00
    11.04 lb
  • Misc $3.00
    2.08 lb
  • Kitchen $0.00
    0.88 lb
  • Toiletry + First Aid $0.00
    0.5 lb
  • Luxury/Optional $0.00
    0.31 lb
  • Unofficial Extras to Consider Adding to List $0.00
    2.22 lb
  • Food & Water $0.00
    10 lb
  • Crew Gear $0.00
    2 lb
  • Total $3.00 40.88
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 10 lb
  • Worn 4.44 lb
  • Base Weight 26.44 lb

This is standard list of personal items recommended by Philmont for 2019 treks, including comments and quantities suggested by Philmont. We've added APPROXIMATE MAXIMUM weights and some comments in square brackets along with a few extra items to consider (Please reference the official lists in the Unit Planning Guide pages 45-48). Philmont suggests that YOUR baseweight (Total weight minus what you're wearing, food & water) is 20-25lbs or lighter. Less than 20lbs. is great! To customize this list, go to and create an account-it's free. Download the CSV version of this list and add it to your account. I would then copy the list to create your own custom version and you can still refer back to the master list. As you assemble your own kit, delete items, replace the descriptions,/weight/quantity and gold star items you consider "done". You might red star items you have that you might replace with something lighter or different later. You can even add links to items to help parents shop! Share your list with other scouts or advisors to review.