•   Category Weight
  • Bags
    2.9 lb
  • Clothes
    7.1 lb
  • Electronics
    5.79 lb
  • Misc
    1.73 lb
  • Total 17.53
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Worn 6.1 lb
  • Base Weight 11.43 lb


  • Skivvy roll avg size fits the width of a D3
  • 2-3 days is about the limit for T-Shirts without washing if sweating, 4-5 days otherwise
  • Never use bleach or fabric softener, air dry everything
  • Outer-outer layer (e.g. nano puff) is rarely necessary
  • X-Large doubles as a wet/dry bag
  • Shorts should double as swim shorts
  • Touch ID doesn't work at high altitude
  • Phone connectivity is spotty, do not rely for photos (take a hard camera if photos are valued)


  • Translation apps are unnecessary, locals will always have one on theirs
  • Connectivity is not binary, edge of grid connections are the most interesting
  • is the only good offline map
  • Geotagging is a joke, ask locals for coordinates
  • One-on-one is the quickest way to get something you want

Buy on Arrival

  • Get a scarf on arrival
  • Get a local SIM
  • Keep 2x $5 US, 1x $10 US at all times. Also walk around with enough local currency to get 2 sizable meals.