2018 Prospective

  • Category Weight
  • Essentials
    4.46 lb
  • Kitchen
    1.57 lb
  • Clothing
    2.08 lb
  • Electronics & Emergency
    1.47 lb
  • Packed
    0.82 lb
  • Water
    2.25 lb
  • Food
    3.58 lb
  • Total 16.23
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 6.56 lb
  • Worn 2.15 lb
  • Base Weight 7.53 lb


Looking forward to 2018, this is my new and improved solo hiking pack.

Note that this includes my hammock set up, which is currently very much a work in progress.

Symbol Legend

  • Yellow stars are essentials and I'm not thinking of updating them at all, ever.
  • Green stars are things that I'm thinking of maybe upgrading, but not for a while.
  • Red stars are things that I'm immediately looking to replace as soon as a deal appears.


In an effort to simplify our food needs, each day should be basically the same.

  • Breakfast: Instant oatmeal mix with coffee
  • Snack 1: Between breakfast and lunch, a fairly substantial snack. This is one of each of the bars.
  • Lunch: 1 Bagel with WOWbutter and jam.
  • Snack 2: After lunch, later afternoon. One of each of the bars.
  • Dinner: An instant or FB meal; doing rice and beans for now.

The theory here being that lunch is trivial if there are snacks on both ends. No need for dishes or anything; just heating 3 pots of water per day (1 for oatmeal, 1 for coffee, 1 for dinner) per person.

I plan to replace my nanowave with a 16.11 30 degree EE Revelation quilt, or a 18.77 oz 20 degree EE Revelation quilt.

Also would like to replace HH footprint with polycro.

These two changes would bring down the bw to about 7 pounds.