•   Category Weight
  • pack
    1.41 lb
  • on person
    0.75 lb
  • daily life
    4.62 lb
  • toiletry
    1.51 lb
  • core clothing
    5.92 lb
  • clothing extra
    0.24 lb
  • extras
    0.19 lb
  • Total 14.63
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 1.1 lb
  • Worn 2.52 lb
  • Base Weight 11.01 lb

Typically stay in places that have a kitchen and washing machine for 2-8 weeks. Take extra clothing items so I can wash weekly in a machine rather than hand wash every few nights. Stash these when I want to go light. Pack compresses into sizer for "personal items" on every airline I have used. Full description in my gear for life. Occasionally I stop by our storage to go lighter (for walking the Camino) or heavier which has everything I might use from back country to uptight venues that require me to wear a suit, etc.