PCT SOBO 2019 End

  •   Category Weight
    6.78 lb
  • Hiking
    1.55 lb
  • Camp
    0.95 lb
  • Tools
    0.51 lb
  • Electronics
    1.51 lb
  • Navigation
    0.23 lb
  • First Aid & Toiletries
    1.04 lb
  • Clothing (Packed)
    4.03 lb
  • Clothing (Worn)
    2.78 lb
  • Kitchen (was not carrying at the end, listed as consumable)
    0.69 lb
  • Seasonal (listed as consumable)
    3.25 lb
  • Total 23.31
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 3.92 lb
  • Worn 3.76 lb
  • Base Weight 15.64 lb

A list of what I was carrying by the end of my southbound Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike.

Several things changed over the course of my hike.

Only carried for a portion of the trail:
- Only carried the bear canister in the Sierra; carried the Ursack Minor outside of that.
- Stopped carrying my kitchen set-up in Northern California, so I'm including that as reference below, although I was not carrying it anymore by the end. (I didn't cold-soak after that, I just ate a lot of dry food.)
- Stopped carrying the Gossamer Gear Chrome Umbrella at Hart's Pass due to there being no heavy rain or sun (just a loooot of mist and fog).
- Stopped carrying microspikes at Stehekin due to there being no snow.
- Carried a bug head net and bug mesh pants at various points during the hike due to mosquitoes and gnats.
- Carried an old pair of flip-flops as camp shoes from Snoqualmie Pass, WA to the Sierra.

Ended up swapping out at some point:
- Swapped out the Nemo Switchback sleeping pad (14.5oz) for the Thermarest XTherm in the Sierra. Best decision ever, especially when it started getting cold.
- Swapped out a Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite 2 raincoat (5.5 oz) for an old Eddie Bauer one I already owned. The FT coat is excellent for the price, super waterproof, and I highly recommend it, but just FYI: it melts in the dryer.
- Swapped out a pair of cheap shorts from Goodwill for a pair of Helly Hansen Rask Trail Tights in the Sierra due to cold weather.

Introduced later in the hike:
- Introduced the Western Mountaineering Flash booties and a pair of puffy pants I got on Amazon (off-brand) in the Sierra due to cold weather.