Tracy Ridge - 4/30/2021 - 2 Night

  •   Category Weight
  • Sleepin' Pads
    0.87 lb
  • Sleepin' Things
    1.19 lb
  • Stayin' Warm
    0.76 lb
  • Packed Wearables
    0.53 lb
  • Stayin' Dry
    0.36 lb
  • Electronics
    1.23 lb
  • Backpacks
    1.8 lb
  • Tents & More
    1.13 lb
  • Needed
    1.16 lb
  • Water
    0.33 lb
  • Consumed
    6.38 lb
  • Worn
    0 lb
  • Cook Stuff
    0.59 lb
  • Total 16.32
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 6.83 lb
  • Base Weight 9.49 lb

Daytime temps 60s eve upper 30s. Hiked in 4-5 miles to Tracy Run campsites, stayed up from the lake due to violent winds while I hiked. Great spot along Tracy Run under some pine trees. Got slightly chilled at night but was fine overall. Woke here and there.

Great hike, though super wet in areas, did the whole rest of the trail, maybe 9-10+ miles by noon. Took my time and stopped fairly often. Started to feel it by noon and was going to eat lunch to continue but ran out of trail to do.

Probably should have brought gloves for sleeping. Didn't need the extra shirt or socks though conditions where really wet. Too much food but didn't stay a second so... Sleeping was pretty darn good (using the GG pad, EE vest and buff over as a pillow) and winds where gusting hard with little rain but the tent did great regardless. Could have pitched it better and have to watch that the sides are a bit more taught with the right angle of the stakes. The vest worked out perfect and maybe could have used it overnight, arms where a bit cold so thought about bringing my Torrid next time but I think it was fine.